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The Best Markets In The Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills is home to an incredible number of markets that sell everything fruit, to fish, handcrafted items and jewellery. Many of the best markets are neatly tucked away, making them hard to find by tourists or temporary residents. That being said, visiting these markets are a must, especially if you are here to experience the culture of the place or even if it is to mingle with local artists.

In this article, we’ll list some of the best, most vibrant markets in Adelaide Hills. Take your pick of the market you want to visit!

Stirling Market in Stirling

The market is held on the fourth Sunday of every calendar month except for in December during which it is held on the third Sunday. The market starts at 10 am and runs through till 4 pm.

Its claim to fame or at least one of the reasons why it is popular is because it takes place on the most popular street in South Australia, i.e. Druid Avenue. Shoppers are greeted with a myriad of stall types that sell everything from plants, and jewellery to homemade pies and even used books. The market is a bargain hunter’s dream come true.

Stirling Laneways in Stirling

Now, this market runs alongside the Stirling Market, but it opens up from September and will run through to April. So, it’s open throughout summer, on the fourth Sunday of each month.

The market starts at 9 am and runs till 3 pm. Stirling Laneways features entertainment, food, pop-up stalls and side streets dotted with sellers in what is a beautiful village.

Adelaide Hills Farmers Market at Mount Barker

You will want to drive over to Mann Street located in Mount Barker for what is a pretty large Farmers Market. The market is open every Saturday from 8:30 am and remains open till 12:30 pm. Apart from a few holidays like Easter, the market opens like clockwork and is home to all the local produce and products.

In addition to vegetables and fruit, there are baked items, eggs, olive oil, fish, fruit juices, some places for coffee and a bit of entertainment.

Mount Pleasant Farmers Market at Mount Pleasant

The market opens every Saturday morning at 8 am and will run till 12 pm. It is home to growers and artisans that have some of the best and freshest seasonal produce. You’ll also find eggs, honey, flowers, wine, spices, milk etc.

Make sure to drive or hitch a ride to the Mount Pleasant Showgrounds and head over to the Show Hall. The market’s size varies, but its almost always a pretty significant affair.

Meadows Country Market

The market opens on the second Sunday of each month. Opening time is 9 am, and it runs till 3 pm. Here you will find a myriad of products including local fresh produce, handmade foods, collectables, jewellery, crafts, books. The Meadows Country market has a little of everything. You might end up spending hours without even knowing it.

Make sure to drive over to Meadows Memorial Hall. There is more than enough parking if you reach early.


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