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The Best Dog Kennels In The Adelaide Hills

It is never easy to leave your dogs or pets in general behind. However, sometimes it is imperative because most pets may not be able to take the often strenuous journey. Plus, there are some places which aren’t exactly pet friendly. Fortunately, if you happen to live in the Adelaide Hills, there are quite a few dog kennels who will gladly host your pet for as long as you want.

When evaluating the best dog kennels in the Adelaide Hills, we looked at the size of the space, the experience of the people working there, reviews by people who have used the service etc. While we admit that some kennels didn’t make it to our cut, it does not mean that they aren’t good.

Advanced Boarding Kennel & Training School

Address: 64-80 Little Dublin East Rd, Nairne SA 5252

Website: http://advancedboarding.com.au/

Do you want to leave your pooch in a place that is large, open and yet secure? If that’s the case, then Advanced Boarding Kennel & Training School is a great choice. As the name implies, not only is this a kennel, but they are also a training school. Many people who leave their pets here might even get them enrolled in some of the training programs.

Whether you are deciding to be away for a night, or a month or even longer, these people will make sure that your pet is well taken care of. The large open exercise yards and the peaceful country are what will make your pooch forget all missing you!

Oakwood Kennels

Address: Leslie Creek Rd, Longwood SA 5153

Now if you own a sensitive dog that can’t stay apart for long, then you need to find a special place for them. Oakwood Kennels in our and the experience of many people is that place. The kennel houses just a few dozen dogs at any given time, with experienced people on hand and veterinarians your dog(s) are in very capable hands.

The kennels are located in a secure location with large exercise yards. The people working for the company love dogs, which is why they take a keen interest in making sure that every animal is well cared for until their owners arrive.

In terms of pricing, the kennel is comparatively cheap for the services they provide. However, it is possible to get a sliding discount depending on how many days you plan on keeping your dog with them.

All Pets Boarding Village

Address: 92 Princes Hwy (Mount Barker Rd), Nairne SA 5252

The All Pets Boarding Village has a reputation for housing all types of dogs, regardless of age and size. The people running the dog kennel are inherently dog lovers which is apparent from the way the kennels are set up and the people they employ.

In our experience and others who have used the service, All Pets Boarding Village offers the best value for money, especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly facility but one that offers quality. After all, you don’t want anything less than the best for your dog when you’re away.

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Do you run a pet kennel in the Adelaide Hills and think you should be featured on our list? Contact us today.

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