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Where Can I Pick Fruit In The Adelaide Hills?

Adelaide Hills is home to some of the best fruit growing farms around which bear some of the best tasting freshly grown fruit. You have the option of picking your own fruits which includes apples, cherries, figs and strawberries. This can be a great activity for you and your family and servers as a great opportunity to pick out some juicy fruits to munch on or take home.

There are different farms for you to choose from which each have their very own well grown fruits which you can freshly pick. Most of these farms are not far and can be reached within less than an hour which is worth the trip. Here are some fruits as well as the farms where you can pick them.

Apples in Lenswood

Visit the Harrisville Orchards in Lenswood which is home of the freshest and juiciest apples for you to pick with your family in May during the “Pink a Pink Lady” event. Enjoy the beauty of this well grown orchard with rows of the healthiest apple trees you can find. Harrisville Orchards is known to have won as the champion at the Royal Adelaide Show and remained so for 20 consistent years. Have a stroll in the orchard and pick out your very own freshly grown fruit for you to take a bite out of later on.

Figs in Houghton

Take a trip to the Willabrand Orchards in Houghton who are known to have been growing figs for 150 years. Willabrand Orchards is one of the largest fig orchards you can find and their figs are some of the best that you will ever get a chance to enjoy during February to April. Grab a basket and fill them up with Figs grown freshly for you to later on purchase or even take to the Fig Bar if you choose to relax and have them served with other delights.

Cherries in Montacute

Head to Lennane Orchards to get a marvellous sight of their cherry farms where you can get a free ride in one of their buggies up to the cherry orchard where you begin picking. This is a great experience for you and your family, especially the kids as you can enjoy a good view as well as taste some of the freshest and sweetest cherries during November to January.

Strawberries in Hahndorf

Experience the beautiful scenario and opportunity to pick some of the freshest and juiciest strawberries of Beerenberg Farm in Hahndorf during November to April. The Beerenberg Farm has a great history of starting their farming dating back 200 years ago which explain the perfection of their strawberries which result in them being the sweetest and juiciest strawberries around. Beerenberg Farm a large area for you and your family to walk around in and pick strawberries to later on purchase.

There are a lot of places to go to for fruit picking in Adelaide Hills which provides a great experience for you and your families and not to mention the chance the enjoy some of the tastiest fruits that have been grown. Visit these farms during their season when the fruit is ready to be pick to have a fun and delicious adventure and take home some of the freshest fruits you can find for later on. This is a perfect way to stretch your legs, spend time with the family and pick up some treats along the way, definitely something worth experiencing during the different seasons in Adelaide Hills.

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