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The Best Pubs in the Adelaide Hills

Now whether you are in search of the perfect evening spot to catch up upon some reading, or perhaps a nightcap, Adelaide Hills may have the place for you. The place is dotted with numerous pubs and bars, neatly tucked away in the most unsuspecting places. Incidentally, these also happen to be the best, and highly popular with the locals.

In addition to a selection of drinks, these pubs are also home to some exotic cuisine. Whether it is just sandwiches, a burger, or even steak, they often serve some of the most delicious types that go well with your drink.

Fortunately, for you, we have managed to find some of the best pubs in Adelaide Hills. In our opinion, these are the pubs you should visit at all costs.

Uraidla Hotel

While you might assume that this isn’t a pub but instead a run-of-the-mill hotel, it is in fact a newly renovated space with the finest drops by world-leading labels from various wine regions, if you are a wine connoisseur, then this is one of the places you should absolutely visit in Adelaide Hills. Sure it is not a regular pub, yet at Uraidla Hotel, you’ll find some of the best pancetta ale pie, and rabbit. That’s in addition to chicken schnitty that you can enjoy with a few sips of fine wine.

The Stirling Hotel

We’d say that this is the slickest looking pub on the inside in South Australia. The large, dimly lit alfresco dining area, is one of the prettiest places you’re going to see selling wine in Adelaide Hills. However, don’t let the looks fool you, this here is a multi-award-winning hotel with expertly curated drinks along with gourmet pizza, seasonal bistro, a separate grill menu, patisserie, and gin bar. Toast to everything in life overlooking the leafy street, or you can choose a location near the old-school fireplace.

Pub Alternatives

Lost in a Forest – wine lounge / pizza bar

Out of the best pubs in Adelaide Hills, we’d have to say that this is perhaps the most different in terms of what’s served. Lost in a Forest serves wine along with a selection of pizzas. The place itself used to be the Adelaide Hills church, which is why it has that stained glass, intricate mural and rustic feel to it. Nowadays, it is one of the best places to enjoy a few drinks and pizza with a group of friends. The wood oven pizzas come coupled with a host of unconventional toppings with a wine list of famous local and international gems.

Applewood Distillery – Distillery

Now this place is a labyrinth on the sale of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Its distilling rooms are huge, and so is their selection of spirits and wines. The super-stylish bar hides the underbelly of this wine-producing beast, but which makes it an excellent place for an afternoon getaway.

The best pubs in Adelaide Hills are often those that you can easily reach. Luckily the ones we list are all over, so regardless of where you are staying its possible to reach at least one of them.

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Do you run a pub in the Adelaide Hills and think you should be featured on our list? Contact us today.

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