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Dealing with Pesky Possums in the Adelaide Hills

Seeing possums on your property in the Adelaide Hills is a common occurrence, especially the brushtail and common ringtail possum varieties.

Nocturnal creatures, you’re not likely to see them during the day, instead making themselves known during the evenings in your gardens – or if you’re unlucky – in your roof. The usual signs of having a possum problem in your roof include scuffling noises, heavy bangs and stains in the ceiling and down walls from their urine.

If you’ve got a possum problem – what do you do? Following legislative requirements is essential, with significant penalties for trapping a possum without a permit. Likewise you must release any possum trapped in your roof within 50 metres of the place where they were caught – so possum-proofing your property so they don’t re-enter is essential. Here’s the main tips on what you can do to solve your possum problem:

Close any Point of Entry

Possums can only get into your roof if there’s a point they can access – so finding these entrances and closing them off can put a stop to your possum problems. There’s a few ways you can go about doing this:

  • Possums move in/out at dusk – so watching during this time will give you the best chance of seeing any usage of entrances/exits
  • Follow any noticeable tracks or droppings back to the source.
  • Double-check around the eaves, as these are a common entry point.
  • Poke your head into the ceiling cavity to look for visible light coming in – this will give away major holes in the roof and eaves structure

After you find the entry points in your roof, you need to seal them off. Don’t use any light materials or chicken wire mesh, as they can rip it off entirely with their hands and claws.

Instead, board it over with hardwood, brick or similarly hard materials which cannot be removed or broken over time by persistent possums.

Trim Overhanging Branches       

It may seem obvious – but possums spend a lot of time getting about via trees in your garden. The easiest way to reduce the likelihood of possums in and around your roof is to deny them easy access to it. If you have any branches or trees which overhang your roofline, get an arborist who can remove these. As possums don’t often traverse walls, this makes it a lot less likely for a possum to be able to easily climb onto your roof and look for a point of entry.

Give Them a New Home

Possums want to find a safe space to call their own, which is why your roof is an attractive option. If you’re evicting them from their current space, it’s only nice to consider giving them an alternative. Possum boxes can be installed in your garden to provide them with a safe alternative. This is also helpful in stopping the now homeless possums in trying to find new ways to enter your roof or fight with nearby possums over other safe spaces.

Hire a Professional

Did you know there are pest controllers who specialise in possums? With the unique laws and skills required to deal with possum infestations, there are local Adelaide Hills possum catchers who can remove any possums as well as ensure they do not return. Speaking with Adelaide Hills local Jack from ProtectaMate  – he notes that with any possum removal service you need to ensure they provide remediation services to make sure they don’t get back into your property, otherwise you’re money is going to waste.

Costs will vary significantly dependent on the number of possums in your roof and the entry points which need to be repaired. You will also need to check whether the provider gives any guarantees on their services in case a possum returns.


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